A proud southerner, avid traveler and lover of all food, Mick has been an active member of the DC Front Runners for since 2015. Having completed numerous half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks, Mick is always looking for the next run with fellow DC Front Runners.  When Mick is not running, he is working for the National Conference of State Legislatures as their Director of Public Affairs. Or you might find him with his partner enjoying a glass of wine in the Virginia countryside.

Larry Lee, Walking Coordinator

Larry Lee (née Sternbane) moved to DC from Phoenix in early 2004.  Larry worked as a shift supervisor at the Starbucks at 21st & P, and he quickly noticed a group of runners that would frequent the shop on Saturday mornings.  He made inquiries, joined that group, and shortly thereafter found himself running 10Ks and ten milers.  His fondest running memory is that of finishing the 2015 New York Marathon; his next-fondest is running the Army Ten Miler in 2017, just hours after getting married, accompanied by friends from all over the world.

Larry has previous service on the DCFR board as Treasurer.  He loves riding his bike, volunteers weekly at the information desks at DCA, and is an occasional substitute spin class instructor at the gym at the United States Patent & Trademark Office, where he works as a Primary Examiner.  Larry finds himself walking more than running nowadays, thus the position of Walking Coordinator presents an ideal opportunity for him to give something back to the club again.  He plans to work to help raise the profile of walkers within the club, and to help explore and implement different area venues for walking (and running).

JR Price, Treasurer

Running is something I have enjoyed for years and running has become a lifestyle for me.  Back in middle school, I decided to join the track team and did a mix of everything from hurdles and sprints to middle distance events.  During high school, I concentrated on the 400 meter and learned how to pole vault.  I ended up running and vaulting competitively in college, which was very gratifying.  Not only did I love the actual running/competing aspect, I loved the camaraderie and friendships that developed amongst my teammates.

After college, I moved from North Dakota to the east coast and transitioned to longer distance running in order to stay active and live healthy.  In 2012, I ran my first marathon and trained with two friends.  Training with friends made me realize how much I missed the teaming/social aspect of the sport, which led me to joining the DC Front Runners in 2013.  Over the past 5 years, I have developed some great friendships with fellow members.  I even met my fiancé at the Taras Shevchenko Statue during one of the weekly Tuesday/Thursday runs.

The DC Front Runners has meant a lot to me over the past 5 years, which is why I decided to run for Treasurer this year.  I studied accounting in college and became a certified public accountant, which is why the role of the Treasurer would be a natural fit for me.  My goal is to provide fiscal transparency to the board, fiscal transparency to the members, and convey how we, as a group, give back to the community.  

Justin Fritscher, Secretary & Archivist

Justin joined DC Front Runners in May 2015 to get to know new people and improve running abilities after moving to Washington, D.C. Justin admires the many talented runners as well as the welcoming nature of the group. Outside of running, Justin is a communications coordinator with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service and enjoys traveling, cooking (gumbo!) and spending time with friends and family. 

Andrew Powaleny, Co-RaceDirector

Andrew did his first serious race when he ran the Walt Disney World half-marathon dressed as Peter Pan in 2016. Since then, he's been hooked on running and in May of 2016, joined the DC Front Runners. Andrew has become more involved with the group by running races alongside fellow runners, serving as communications chair for the Pride committee in 2017, and welcoming new members with a smile. While he loves the running, it's the camaraderie and friendship he enjoys most about the organization. As one of the DC Front Runners co-race directors beginning in the 2017-2018 circuit, Andrew is focused on providing our membership with unique and challenging races to participate in while having fun (usually with a theme or silly gimmick) along the way. Andrew was grateful to accomplish something he never thought possible by completing his first marathon in 2018 at Walt Disney World. He also completed his second and last marathon ever in Paris at the Gay Games 10. At the end of the day, Andrew believes running should be fun and done with a smile - or at least a fake grin for the camera. Look for his cheesy news reports to and maybe you’ll spot Trish along the way.

Norman Reich, Co-Race Director

Norman Reich started running in April 2015, and a few weeks later set his goal at completing the 40th Marine Corps Marathon that fall.  Goal achieved!  As of August 2018 he has completed 8 marathons and 100 races total.  His first DC Front Runner event was the party following the first marathon, and the friendliness of fellow runners is what kept him coming back.  The DC Front Runner family has given a lot to him, and he would love to continue to give back everything he can.
He has served as the Race Co-Director since September 2017.  He has used my knowledge of previous race circuits, as well as his own knowledge from his love of running, to try to make the running and racing experience the best he can for all members.  This past year he began by creating group events for all of our circuit races so that both participants and spectators can coordinate meet-ups, group photos, results links, travel or transportation questions, and any other race related info.

Maura Hackett, Women's Outreach Coordinator

Maura first joined the DC Front Runners in 2007 and has become an avid fan of running with this group of wonderful people and treasures the friendships she has formed over the years.  Since then she has run many races of varying distances including multiple Ragnar relay races, with other DCFR members, which she thoroughly enjoys.  She has assisted with the DCFR Pride Run every year in many capacities and has joined the planning committee for 2018.  Maura is also a member of the DCFR Dance Troupe that performs annually in the Capital Pride parade and festival, and would love to have more women participate.  Her goal as Women's Outreach Coordinator is to increase the presence of DC Front Runners within the women's community and help women feel more comfortable participating in this welcoming group where the male/female ratio is in favor of men.

Tim Vaske, Men's Outreach Coordinator

When we first moved to D.C. in 2016, Corey and I started looking for a LGBTQ group that we could join that would be health-focused, as well as social. I had been running off and on for several years but never really embraced it because what I didn’t realize what I was missing was the social aspect of running in a group.  


As a member of the DC Front Runners, I am excited to be part of an amazing community which embraces health, acceptance, and respect for its members. To me, DC Front Runners isn’t just a running/walking club, rather it’s a group within which I feel welcome and where I have been able to build an extended network of friends/family, all while staying physically active and healthy.  As one of the outreach coordinators, I am excited to work alongside Maura and the rest of the board to continue to support the club, and its members, as it continues to grow over the coming year. 

Jeremy Garrett, Member Engagement Coordinator

I am excited to join the DC Front Runners Board in the new Membership Engagement Coordinator position!   I have been a member of DC Front Runners since 2011 and the club has become a very important part of my life through which I have made so many wonderful friendships.  I regularly attend the weekly runs and last spring I was one of the co-coaches for the Spring track program. When not running or working, I enjoy traveling often accompanied by fellow DC Front Runner members.   

Blake Rushin, Membership

Blake has been a member of DC Front Runners for over 15 years. She served on the board for six years first as outreach coordinator and then female outreach coordinator and became a membership co-coordinator in 2012. She enjoys both running and social activities with the club. In addition to being an active participant in the club race circuit, she enjoys social activities with the club as well as coaching 5K training groups for club members, coordinating and assisting with a wide variety of outreach efforts to increase club membership and organizes ticket sales for the annual Night Out at the Nationals event. Blake values the club most for the lasting friendships she has developed and being part of the Front Runner family.

Lisa Black, Webmaster

Lisa joined DC Front Runners after taking a break from running during grad school. Looking for a group social enough to motivate her off the couch, Lisa tried a number of local groups before settling on DCFR. It was the welcoming members that had her signing up after the first run and have kept her coming back years later! 

Socrates Tiglao, eNews & Communications

In an effort to improve his health, Socrates began running in early 2014 as a hobby to get in shape.  As his love for running grew, he signed up for & ran his first race ever:  the 2nd annual DC Front Runners Pride Run 5K.  By the end of the weekend, he was invited to join the DC Front Runners by club members at the Pride Weekend Festival. Since joining the club, he has run countless races from 5K's to full marathons.  Socrates is no stranger to the DC Front Runners board:  He previously served as one of the club's race directors for three terms between 2015 and 2017.  Outside of DC Front Runners, Socrates works as an interior designer, loves to travel, and is a father to a yorkie-poodle mix named Brutus.

Joshua Yankovic, Apparel Coordinator


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